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Let the ISV and IHV development make larger steps....
Published on November 9, 2006 By Corky_O In WinCustomize News

"As Windows Vista hits the Release to Manufacturing milestone, Microsoft looks back at what it took to build the most heavily tested, highest quality and most secure operating system in the company’s history."

While we have all heard the hype, I thought it would still be relevant to this community to post the article link.

It looks like the 'pudding' is being prepared for 'proofing'.

on Nov 12, 2006
i have vista running for 3months.no problems- except wincustomize,and all bios.podleska@msn.com
on Nov 12, 2006
I've used beta versions and the release candidate version. I really don't see any reason to rush into Vista. I remember waiting for XP and the anticipation that went with that. It's just not the same with Vista. I know there are a lot of improvements, but none of them seem to be all that critical for me.