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Published on April 3, 2007 By Corky_O In WinCustomize News

It would seem that there are gangs everywhere, even on the web.

I thought this article might interest some people, although I am not really shocked, I do hope this type of trend can be avoided in some way. I also find that I have a greater appreciation for both the security software designers job and for the web site designers / administrators who must take this kind of thing into account.

Not to mention normal users like myself who just want a fun tool to work with.

A silent war is raging - check it out if you dare.

on Apr 03, 2007
Very interesting, Thanks Corky.
on Apr 04, 2007
Thanks, Corky. And by-the-by...you helped solve my C: drive icon problem. As usual, many thanks.

And thanks for the article. While it was interesting, reading the Mac/Linux vs. WinTel wars that followed was almost as enlightening.