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Published on March 6, 2007 By Corky_O In WinCustomize News

Due to the upcoming (this Sunday - March 11, 2007) daylight savings time observance changes, I thought it prudent to post a link to the Microsoft page that has information and an interactive download wizard to help users update their Windows operating systems and calendaring applications.

No sense in being late to a meeting if it could have been avoided.

There is not much else to add.

on Mar 06, 2007
I downloaded the file and started to install when i was notified that automatic updates already did it for me   Thanks for the link though.
on Mar 08, 2007
Also thanks for the link. Autoupdate did the same for me. I came away with the 'validation'
tool though.
on Mar 09, 2007

I came away with the 'validation'
tool though

A side effect from MS these days.