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Works with Vista build 5500 or newer....
Published on October 9, 2006 By Corky_O In WinCustomize News

OneCare Live now offers a beta version (1.5) for download, install and use.

Following is some of the content of an e-mail that MS has extended forwarding rights to:

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Windows Live OneCare?
An all-in-one PC care service that’s always on, helping provide persistent protection against viruses, hackers, and other threats, and helping keep your PC tuned up and your important documents backed up.

What Windows Live OneCare does for you.
• Runs quietly in the background, providing anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection
• Activates Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7 to help block or warn against identity theft or online scams

• Updates itself to help you keep ahead of the latest threats
• Runs regular tune-ups to help optimize the performance of your PC
• Provides one-click resolutions for any actions that you may need to take

• Makes backups to a variety of devices a breeze
• Lets you see the status of your system at a glance

In which countries can I use Windows Live OneCare?
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, US.

What operating systems are supported?
Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista (build 5500 or greater; recommended build is 5600 aka RC1). OneCare is currently not available for x64 operating systems..

This link will take you to the download https://www.int3.windowsonecare-int.com/install/Install.aspx

The link below will take you to the information page for OneCare Live beta (v 1.5).

Have fun.

on Oct 10, 2006
Works well on Vista RC2!
on Oct 10, 2006
Yep seems great on Vista OK.

But beware on XP, at the end of installation it wants to remove existing AV's: I am
happy with Trend Internet Suite and this proggie will cost $??.00 once out of beta; it takes
about 15 mins on Adsl to download setup and additional files so if you are happy with your system
protection ...........................
on Oct 10, 2006

But beware on XP, at the end of installation it wants to remove existing AV's


OneCare Live has always required that any other AV/Firewalls be uninstalled.

The cost will is scheduled to be the same as the current cost ($49.99 US) for up to 3 computers.

The trial version is good for 180 days and is a nice addition to security for the current Vista builds.

on Oct 10, 2006
Runs great on XP...
I uninstalled AVG and Zonealarm to try it out. Has a much smaller performance/memory hit than the AVG/ZA combo. Protection...how can you tell, other than after you get infected?

So far, so good. I've got 180 days (plus the beta period) to try it out. And I've always got the licence keys for ZA and AVG to reinstall later if I desire.
on Oct 10, 2006
Hey Corky, do you know what the Spyware part of OneCare is. I have/had Windows Defender installed, OneCare has turned it off. Is Windows Defender the base OneCare runs off?

Thanks for the link, until now I believe could not download in Canada
on Oct 10, 2006

Hey Corky, do you know what the Spyware part of OneCare is

It is listed as the service 'OneCareMP' which runs both the anti-virus and anti-spyware components of OneCare.

OneCare Live 1.5 stops the Windows Defender process in Vista as well, so I can only assume that Windows Defender is either redundant or not needed with the newer integrated service. It looks like the 'Help' for OneCare Live beta 1.5 is temporarily having problems, so with any luck we will receive clarification when it gets sorted.

I also (reference Jim in comment #4) like the fact that OneCare Live does not seem to have a performance impact outside of the 'Tune-Up' performance hit. A nice light security software that (so far) seems to get the job done. Though it does not have a robust firewall with a lot of advanced settings, it is nonetheless a viable alternative to the memory/process intensive security suites currently offered by the more affluent third party vendors.

For my general purposes at home and on the go, I feel quite comfortable with this package from Microsoft. I hope others find the links useful.

on Oct 10, 2006
Thanks Corky.
on Oct 11, 2006
Hey Corky, I have been doing a little digging around.
'OneCareMP', I am assuming is under Vista. I am running XP SP2, Windows Defender turned off by OneCare, but in services I have MsMpEng.exe, which is the Window Defender engine. It would seem Windows Defender has been rolled into OneCare.
on Oct 11, 2006

'OneCareMP', I am assuming is under Vista

Yes, that is under Vista.

The MS forums for the OneCare Live beta 1.5 has confirmed that the Windows Defender function is included in the new beta.

Clarification is expected at some point from Microsoft on those forums.

on Oct 11, 2006
on Oct 13, 2006
I was actually able to buy OneCare Live at COMPusa for 19.99 after rebates and am very happy with it. Only annoyance is they try to push Windows Defender on you.