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Available until September 6, 2006....
Published on August 22, 2006 By Corky_O In WinCustomize News
For those of you who want to play around with the 3D scene rendering program known as "Bryce", it is available for a short time as a free download from Download.com. Use the link below.

I recommend this for anyone who wants to see what the 3D rendering softwares are like. It is a very fun program to play around with.

Note - there is quite a bit of information and tutorials available for this version at the DAZ site WWW Link

DAZ has also indicated that the new Bryce 6 will only be available to owners of Bryce 5 and 5.5, so this would seem to be a great opportunity for those interested.

Have fun!   
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on Aug 23, 2006

Oops, took too long.

Thanks, ID.

on Aug 23, 2006
Every time i click on the .exe i get a message that the B5Axiom.dll was not found. I have left the download window open and unzipped the files to a folder on my desktop, then moved that folder to my program files, but cannot get the program to run. Please help.
on Aug 23, 2006


Try downloading to "My Documents" and then extract to the same location.

After extraction, open the folder if the extraction process does not offer the option to view the files in the folder and verify that you see the "B5Axiom.dll" file there.

Close all active tasks in the taskbar except your browser and the extracted folder.

Double-click the "Bryce5.exe" file, which should load the Bryce interface with a dialog box containing the product registratio code you need to enter on the website > click "Continue" to proceed to the registration page and allow you to create an account and receive the key.

There are some instructions in case you are not sent automatically to the registration page by the dialog in Bryce, which are outlined in the Bryce forum here http://forum.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=42729&sid=9482d584b523685eedbe7b0c7b171968

I hope this helps.

on Aug 24, 2006

Okay, I can't edit my comment in #33. The link I left above won't go to the correct forum page due to the need to logon each time at DAZ.

You can get there by going to the DAZ site > create your account > go to "Forums menu\Bryce Talk\Registering Free Bryce5 post on top of list". This will provide a direct link to paste the product registration code into to receive the key to unlock Bryce5 free version if needed.

on Aug 24, 2006
Thank you very much for your reply. The message 'the default axiom application resource environment cannot be found' comes up now. I've tried shutting down and rebooting instead of restarting, unloading Windowblinds & closing all my Widgets and other programs, but nothing helps. Maybe it's just my computer. Thank you, tho.
on Aug 24, 2006

The message 'the default axiom application resource environment cannot be found' comes up now.

Not sure on that message.

Did you try removing all trace of the folder that you placed in ':\Program Files' directory, then run the '.exe' from the folder in My Documents? If so, then you might try contacting DAZ to inquire of the message. I know they are pretty helpful and may provide some measure of support even though it is free.

on Aug 25, 2006
Thanks Corky - all that info in post #30 sure makes it a bit easier. I always have trouble getting started on a new program - too many buttons and menu's intimidate me.
on Sep 15, 2006
"the default axiom application resource environment cannot be found"

To avoid that problem, uninstall the program, make sure all your browser windows are CLOSED. Install it. Then you can use your borwsers again.

Open browsers use a resource that Bryce needs to complete the install.

I found that with a simple Google search!

If you want to learn Bryce, Google for what you want to learn. Google "Close Bryce"

Here is a wonderful site that rolls up all the basics and explains the interface. Bryce is a great app, but it doesn't do the work for you.