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Available until September 6, 2006....
Published on August 22, 2006 By Corky_O In WinCustomize News
For those of you who want to play around with the 3D scene rendering program known as "Bryce", it is available for a short time as a free download from Download.com. Use the link below.

I recommend this for anyone who wants to see what the 3D rendering softwares are like. It is a very fun program to play around with.

Note - there is quite a bit of information and tutorials available for this version at the DAZ site WWW Link

DAZ has also indicated that the new Bryce 6 will only be available to owners of Bryce 5 and 5.5, so this would seem to be a great opportunity for those interested.

Have fun!   
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on Aug 22, 2006
Something to play with!

Thanks for the info Corky O!

on Aug 22, 2006
yes indeed. Thanks for letting us know about this. Now...bring on the glass dolphins jumping through water balls over the glass tables LOL
on Aug 22, 2006
Thanks for telling us Corky O

Free toys!

on Aug 23, 2006
be on the lookout for my Brittany Spears/ Dolphin Wall Coming soon!!!!!!!
on Aug 23, 2006
Thanks for the tip. Used to play around with this app many years ago and had a lot of fun.
on Aug 23, 2006
I'm a sucker for anything free. After checking out the DAZ site I got the feeling that this is like a drug dealer offering someone their first taste of the product. I never knew this stuff even existed. At least now I know where many of the wallpapers I see come from.

The biggest surprise/shock was when I started browsing the other products and came across the "dolls". Is that the right word? It's like a mixture of Barbie for adults, the classic you'll-never-be-alone-again blow up dolls, fastasy roll playing and who knows what else. Faces, bodies, hair styles, clothing, positions, and so much more. You could spend a fortune on all the different packages. Maybe even end up in the back room at the police station if you over do it.
on Aug 23, 2006
I can finally make that wall of dolphins eating Brittany Spears. mwahahahah *gack hahaha
on Aug 23, 2006
Thanks for the post. I have Bryce for my Mac, but not the PC.
on Aug 23, 2006
While im not a big fan of bryce - I do like to play with anything free. So thanks Corky for the link up. Now- it took me 1h 45 m to download the zip. After unzipping - it said " you must be online to register" So I go back online. Open application agan- pop up box asked for registration number that they supplied. Type in email addy and registration number. Pop up box says: wrong number ( straight face here ) but you gave me the number , im looking at it now. I hit the little check mark again - wrong number - again wrong number - again wrong number. After 5 times im whisked away to a page asking me to log in to my account. OR if you do not have a DAZ account - make one. So I did. Then I waited for the email reply. I followed the directions and pasted the confirmation addy in my browser - once there I pasted the confirmation # they supplied.
I go back to DAZ site - i log in with my new shiny account....boom..im in...Welcome karen ..... here's your product seriel number ( write it down ) ok that wasnt so bad.

I go back to the bryce icon - click ....pop up box asking me for my name and the registration number again. ( straight face smiley ) ok, we just did that..ok we'll just go there again. I log in with account number and password. Welcome Karen....

Bryce splash screen is frozen with this box telling me I have the wrong registration number ( mind you - its the same number they keep giving me )

We do this 6 or 10 more times. Ok, Im close to tears or killing anyone in sight now.
Im talking to the pop up box " Ive done everything you asked - why are you toying with my emotions ?"

I go offline - I reboot. I try again.....application tried logging me back online but FF craps out. This time I put in my name and the 50 digit serial number they gave me at the site. A " new ' pop up box telling me that registration will not be complete until I go to site and download the " free " content that im entitled to.....

I JUST WANT TO SEE THE PROGRAM FIRST ..whimpering , i ask " is that too much to ask ?
Honest - I might even buy something - just let me see the program.
And like magic the splash screen changed and there it was......a strange , unfamilar looking program with things ive never heard of. things Ive never seen. Ok , this cant be that hard..i'll come back later...now wheres the " OFF " button to close it down..

I spent 15 minutes looking for the OFF/CLOSE button.

CTRL/ALT/DELETE is an odd way to shut down a program but what the heck it works.

This is not going to be a " walk in the park "

on Aug 23, 2006


I should mention that the 'Titlebar' for Bryce is an "auto-hide" titlebar, which you can display by bumping the top edge of the screen with your cursor (it took me a couple of times to open and close the program using the taskbar button context menu before I accidentally bumped the top of my screen, and there it was; complete with the familiar menus and titlebar buttons).

For anyone else on dial-up, it is approximately 23.5 MB download (sorry, I paid about $100 for this version back when Corel had released it to DAZ, so I did not know there would be issues simply trying to install the thing).

I can say, after using the program for a couple of years, that it is a fun program to create scenes with. It is also a very helpful program to learn to work with 3D mesh objects, as well as apply textures and materials to said objects. I can't afford the better 3D programs, so this is the best value to me - especially now that it is free.

Note - I have not had any spyware / malware issues over the past 2 years downloading any material from DAZ site, so I do not hesitate to recommend them to people interested.


on Aug 23, 2006
I also wanted to add on the Daz website there is a special to get the 5.5 upgrade for only $20.
on Aug 23, 2006
Note - I have not had any spyware / malware issues over the past 2 years downloading any material from DAZ site, so I do not hesitate to recommend them to people interested

Im just glad I finally got it installed. As for the issues - Im sure most of it was me being unfamilar with installing free stuff. They were a bit unclear as what they wanted so I wrote that misadventure just in case anyone else had the same problem. It could of been me was the problem - but I thankyou for giving me something to play with. And thanks for the info on the hidden tool bar. I think by then I was just worn out typing in my name so many times I just wasnt thinking anymore.

on Aug 23, 2006
fairry you are not alone
on Aug 23, 2006
fairry you are not alone

That was worth the $20 bucks I paid you to say that ...
on Aug 23, 2006
Free, huh? O.K...
[do I really want to do this? If Fairyy~, skinhit, and others had what Fairyy~ described happen to them, should I... ummm... Corky O posts some of the best, if not the best articles/tutes here, so...hmmm...23.5MB...got DSL...aargh!.. Yeah, what the heck. Here goes...]